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          Entire 133 square block downtown area is on the National Register of Historic Places
          721 W 1st St
          Madison, IN 47250
          Contact: Dean Miller

          Monday - Saturday  10am - 5pm

          Sunday  12 - 5pm

          Lumber Mill Antique Mall is Madison, Indiana's largest antique mall with 3 floors of quality dealers.  They even have a tired shoppers lounge where you can drop of the spouse or rest your legs, have a cup of coffee, then finish up your shopping.

          Lumber Mill Antique Mall has about anything you could be looking for: furniture, glassware, antique toys, primitives, collectible dolls and so much more. 

          Be sure to let Dean (the guy in the cowboy hat) and the friendly staff know you found Lumber Mill Antique Mall on IndianaAntiqueTrail.com.


          Visit our website at lumbermill.tripod.com/
          MAP LOCATION
          Latitude: 38.735934    Longitude: -85.389353
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